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The lights were out, but flickering sparks illuminated the workbench as Richie bent over the electronic pieces spread out in front of him, his Backpack responding to his command as circuits were connected.

He paused and rubbed at his chin absently behind his viewscreen that gave him clear vision despite the darkness of the lab. It was coming together nicely, but the physical construction was only part of what was needed.

He'd found the item in question discarded. Someone had turned it in to the electronics recycling center, and he'd known immediately he could make it work again. Sure, it had been abused -- he'd sworn when he opened it up and a bit of seawater spilled out from inside the case -- and it probably wouldn't ever run again. At least, in anyone else's hands. He could probably purchase a used one for pretty cheap. But that wasn't the point.

He was going to FIX it. Hell, he was going to IMPROVE on it.

A smaller, far more efficient internal memory system, instead of a disk-based system with removable memory sticks, would allow him to upload everything. It would run faster. It would be stronger... better. He would rebuild it. He had the technology.

Yes. It would be the ultimate Kord Industries GameStation, with every game running internally.

The rest of the team would be thrilled.
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"Soooo..." Richie kicks back in one of the chairs he's made, which immediately begins massaging his back while grabbing an ice-cold Coke from the fridge with a long mechanical arm and handing the beverage to him. "Now that you're back... how was New York, bro?"


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